Refund Policy

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Refund Policy

At The Cloud Digital, we believe in quality assurance. Each project we get, no matter how big or small it is, passes under different phases. Here’s how our work process rolls:

Getting the requirements: Our work starts with getting all the requirements from our clients. Once we get that, our team of experts brainstorms ideas and come up with an actionable plan. The plan includes ways to carry out the project with estimated time and cost. The team send the plan to top management.

Sending the quotation: Upon getting the plan at hand, the management goes through it to check its viability. After the management is convinced, the plan is sent to the clients with time and cost as a form of “quotation”.

Signing NDA & Advance payment: If clients approve the plan without any change, we move to the next phase of signing a mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). If clients need any change to the plan itself, or the timeline and cost, there’s room for further negotiation. In that case, the NDA will be signed after everything gets settled. After the negotiation is complete, clients will make an agreed upon advance payment or the regular amount of advance payment – whichever is applicable.

Sample submission: After signing the NDA, the project is officially started. At that stage The Cloud Digital will develop a sample and deliver to the clients (if/when applicable) for a final check. If clients give a green signal, our team moves on with doing the same. An edit, resubmission, and final approval would take place if need be.

Final submission: Our team will accomplish the task and submit to our QC professionals for final checking. After passing the QC stage, the end product will be delivered to the clients.

Cancellation and Refunds

Being in the industry for years, we know very well that cancellation of a project is not a very uncommon aspect. For a number of reasons, the clients may need the option to cancel their orders. As we have faith in providing ‘equal opportunity’ to all, we have developed a flexible cancellation and refund policy to give our clients a breathing space.

The Policy

Clients have the freedom to cancel their orders at any time of our work process. But the cancellation must take place against a considerate and valid reason. Clients can also cancel their orders without any credible cause. But in that case, the refund policy will not be in effect.

In case of a cancellation before the signing of NDA or before we start our work, 85% of the advance payment will be refunded to the clients. 15% fee will be charged for the initial efforts we made in regard with clients’ projects. Please note that any transfer fee (if) associated with refunding will be charged from clients’ advance payments.

For cancellations after the commencement of our work, refund will be calculated according to how many hours we have worked till that moment. For example, the total project value is $2000. The hourly billing amount is $12. Client makes an advance payment of $1000. We have already worked for 20 hours on that project. At that moment client requested a cancellation. In that case, 20h X $12 = $240 will be charged and the rest of the amount ($760) will be refunded to the client.

Cancellation process

Once a client decides to cancel an order, (s)he has to send us an email containing the reason of his/her cancellation. After getting the email, the top management will consider the validity of the reason. Top management will talk to or negotiate with the client if needed. After the discussion’s been made and a decision of cancellation is finally accepted, The Cloud Digital will start the process of making the refund. Please note that the whole process of refunding may take up to 60 business days.

For any sort of queries regarding Cancellation and Refund, please hit an email to